lunes, febrero 28, 2011

Blue Veins

I see you floating over me when I wake up in the midnight.
Your eyes frighten me...
so deep...

Running towards my dreams, the drought will choke me...

Why am I unable to convince myself to tell you?
Why is the air in my lungs so poisonous and so heavy?
Where am I that you can see me but your hands are far from my skin?

Open your hands. Find me.
Sleep against my chest, inside it.
Be the truth that sparkles in the darkest hour of the night.
Come find me, please.
Do not let me choke in the dirty water.

I've seen the blue rivers running through your body,
holding me so strong to your wrists,
I've seen them.
Rivers that call me to its water...
do not let me choke, please, do not let me...

I've seen the smile on you face and I cry
every time that your heart calls my name.
For it is my name.

It's just that I'm so scared, I feel so vulnerable.
I wear blue everyday and I cry seven times a day
just to make sure the blue inside my veins won't disappear...

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