viernes, mayo 28, 2010

For Good

How many days, now?

I've been counting and floating over myself, trying to go further with my soul.
I've been trying to reach myself.

Lights go out in the very moment I take the first breath.
And there you're unconceivable. I live inside upon there.

I remember red lights, yellow, green and blue lights, but there's few of you.
Almost nothing. I can't breath in my sleep.

Kill some time, my fingers are running, they can see the future, I just follow, like an empty case that has been tied to the edge of the world as it spins madly. Fast.

Kill some time, as I cannot kill you. I dreamt once about a knife that went with your throat, but it was so bloody. That is why I drink cold infusions every night since then.

How many minutes had went down, now?
How many corpses are new by this moment, in this empty arms and ribcase?

And right now, like a surprise, sudden as the content of your mouth, the melody.
Do you recognize the smell?
I fool myself to sleep and dream... why can't this be killing you?

Everything and nothing.
I just try to keep up with the time, so cruel.

I lost it. Now it is your turn.